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Welcome to SuperGeek Consolidated!  You've come to the right place to find super computer geeks specializing in a wide range of software, systems, network, graphics and web design.

We provide design, consulting and training services in a number of key computer technology areas:

Systems - From desktop to departmental or business server, we can design a system that meets your needs or help you make better use of the ones you already have.

Networking - From LAN to Intranet to Internet, remote access or VPN, you can choose from a variety of solutions here.

Custom Software Development - Be it Java or C/C++, Shell script, Tcl/Tk, SQL or Perl, chances are we speak your language.

Computer Graphics & Web Design - Presentation or print quality graphics, business card or corporate identity, web page or e-commerce site, you will like what you see.

We know that choosing a computer professional who is right for your job can be a daunting and difficult task.  That's why we offer free initial consultations.

Please use the contact information below to find out more about how SuperGeek services may be of benefit to you.

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